Features & Benefits
All businesses are looking to save money and streamline costs in the current economic environment.

Flexi Page gives organisations the ability to steamline their marketing processes. We offer access to "smart publishing". Data is input once and then output to multiple templates e.g, PDF document, Online Listing, Enewsletter thus avoiding double or even triple entry. Saving both time and money.

Flexi Page is an online application so there is no software download required. Digital assets are then accessible from any PC or mobile device with a net connection.

Flexi-page.com is unique in its ease of use and accessible pricing. Flexi Page opens up the market of “web to print” and "smart publishing" to SME organisations who previously could not take advantage of this type of system.

  • Speed to market – fast online document creation
  • Smart publishing of data to multiple formats
  • PDF documents created can be distributed via email or sent to print
  • Cost saving as it removes the need for multiple licenses
  • Low skill level required to create fully branded documents
  • Controls branding across an entire organisation
  • Access your documents 24/7 online
  • Create template documents online, using a simple online form
  • Data entered can be used for multiple uses – e.g. PDF document & online listing
  • Template architecture means the software is scalable to each organisations needs
  • Secure storage of your documents online
  • Easy and fast to use
  • Fully branded to your organisation (white labelled)
No Hidden Costs or Additional Outlays
Flexi Page is being offered in 2 pricing models:-
  • Purchase license
  • Pay per use

Register today to find out about the growing list of organisations taking advantage of smart publishing using Flexi-Page.com.


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